Urban Plunge Tech Showcase 2023

About the event

Sydney Water’s Urban Plunge Tech Showcase 2023 is all about enhancing waterway health. This free event will be held from 9am to 1pm on the 28th of November, at The Connection event space at Rhodes. 

You will have the opportunity to meet pioneering companies showcasing cutting edge technologies that support healthy waterways, both, on the land and in the water. You’ll also get to see some of the tech in action, with demonstrations throughout the day. 

How to participate

Attendance is free, but space is limited. To ensure your spot at this exciting event, please RSVP by 24 November 2023.

Venue  Timing Getting There

The Connection 

Event Space 2, Building 3,

30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes

Exhibit open 9am to 1pm

The area is well serviced by public transport, with buses and Rhodes train station nearby. Paid on-street parking is also available nearby.

Why attend?

Whether you’re a professional in the field, an environmental enthusiast, or just curious about the state of our waterways, the tech showcase will:

  • Provide an opportunity to see the latest and greatest interesting tech available to support healthy waterways.

  • Allow you to network with experts, suppliers and fellow tech enthusiasts.

  • Provide a deeper understanding of urban waterway management.

What is on offer for 2023?

Check out our exhibitors, who will be providing in-person demonstrations and interactive exhibits

Atlan Floating wetland

Atlan Stormwater

These artificial floating wetlands can be used to filter nutrients and contaminants from stormwater. They can improve the attractiveness of artificial lakes, and provide bird and turtle habitat.

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Jellyfish bot

Butchart Marine Services

The Jellyfishbot collects rubbish, oil and other hydrocarbons floating on the water, it can be used autonomously or remotely. As it is mobile it can be deployed wherever the waste has collected. When it is equipped with a sonar it can perform bathymetry survey up to 20m in depth.

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City Green

Structural soil vault systems are now often installed below street trees in urban developments. These support improved tree health and can also stop roots impacting underground infrastructure. They can now also include monitoring probes with reporting dashboards.

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Living Seawalls

Living Seawalls, Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Living seawalls blend ecology and engineering, with creative design. Replacing natural foreshore with seawalls, breakwalls and other hard concrete structures removes habitat. Living seawall panels are designed to provide beneficial habitat for marine life, enhance awareness about the marine environment and contribute to clean oceans.  

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Maritime/Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW Maritime Environmental Services Team, has removed over 1,925 cubic meters of rubbish from Sydney Harbour, including the removal of 3,664 navigation hazards which contributed to safety outcomes for Commercial and Recreational Vessels in the 2022/23 financial year.   



Ocean Guard pit litter baskets

Ocean Protect

The OceanGuard technology is a gully pit basket designed to fit within new and existing gully pits to remove pollution from stormwater runoff. The new OceanGuard provides the same great performance but includes several new features – including being 90% made from plastic waste.

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The Seabin is a trash capturing device that sits just below the water level and draws floating rubbish into the chamber. But that’s not all, Seabin are committed to capturing useful data on the type and volume of contaminants in our waterways. 

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The Smarter Cleaner Sydney Harbour pilot

Sydney Coastal Councils Group (partnering with Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG) are partnering with CSIRO and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA)

This collaborative pilot program applies smart technology to help reduce stormwater pollution entering key waterways in Greater Sydney Harbour It is using two technologies: AI enabled cameras to detect and classify rubbish in waterways as well as sensors in Gross Pollutant traps. 

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Sydney Water remotely piloted aircraft

Sydney Water

Did you know that Sydney Water is trialling drones to help monitor water quality in hard to reach places? Autonomous drones are also useful for asset inspection and gathering aerial footage of major projects. Actually, the range of uses and benefits is only just being realised!



Sydney Water lab services

Sydney Water (labs)

Sydney Water’s labs specialise in a wide range of services, including microbial source tracking, environmental DNA analysis, fish surveys, electrofishing, rapid riparian assessments, and macroinvertebrate monitoring. Our dedicated field staff are backed up by a NATA accredited lab. 

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What did the 2022 Urban Plunge Tech summit look like?

The 2022 Urban Plunge tech summit showcased globally sourced technology, tools and designs that make it easier, faster and safer to deliver new aquatic recreation opportunities across Sydney. 

It provided a platform for formal and informal conversations between water industry specialists, tech providers, key players across government and stakeholders.

The outputs from the 2022 Tech Summit have been providing inspiration for the next round of swim site projects and product developments that have followed.


Companies that exhibited their products in 2022

Cyanolakes – satellite monitoring for cyanobacteria

D2K – ColiMinder and Information Engine

Ene.Hub – Safety Node

Fluidion – Alert V2 and the Alert Lab

IADYS and Butchart Marine Services – Jellyfishbot

IOSight – iGreen data management platform

Ocean Guardian – Shark Barriers

Phoslock – Phosflow to remove excess phosphate

Ripper Corp AI-supported drone surveillance for beach patrols

Seabin – collecting marine debris

Subnero – the SWANbot

Get in touch

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our team at urbanplunge@sydneywater.com.au.

Find out more about how our Urban Plunge program is creating safer, cleaner and accessible swimming areas within our waterways through strong partnerships with government agencies.